Fitness Center
No long term contract and low monthly dues! See attached rate card for further details and stop by the Member Services office for a tour.
You can contact us at or 703.273.9276

Fitness Center Hours: Monday-Friday - 5:30am - 10pm
                                                  Saturday-Sunday - 8am-6pm

Fairfax Racquet Club & Fitness Center is complete with free weights, multiple lines of Nautilus equipment, ellipticals, Stairmasters, Life Cycles, treadmills, rowers, Schwinn U.B.E. and brand new Interactive Expresso Bikes. Additionally, we offer classes in Yoga, Pilates, and Sport Conditioning. Stop by and see why we're the best kept secret in Fairfax!

Fairfax Racquet Club Membership Options
Personal Training
We believe Strength is the Foundation of Fitness
With Packages starting at less than $25 per session, and sessions between 20-30 minutes long, our Foundation Level Personal Training packages are affordable not just for your finances but also your time. Meet One-on-One with your trainer, once or twice per week and we will address all your fitness needs utilizing Slow Controlled High Intensity Training. Work out in minimal time with optimal results.
Building on a strong Foundation, longer sessions will allow us to further address more specific needs. Whether it is Sport Specific Conditioning or you want to work on Balance and Coordination, we will tailor the program to ensure you reach all your Fitness Goals.
*Fairfax Racquet Club's Personal Training Center is staffed by highly- skilled, certified personal trainers.
Click the link below to download a complementary personal training session for new clients.
Personal Training Program Complimentary Certificate
Group Training
Pilates  &  Yoga Classes
Pilates classes meet Saturday at 11 am and Monday at 9 am.
Yoga classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

Sports Conditioning-Boot Camp Style
Rain or Shine, we work on Interval Training, Footwork, Agility and Endurance in an informal setting. Class meets at 7 pm Tuesdays.
Weight Management Program
A scale can only give you one piece of a very complex equation. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your body composition, Fairfax Racquet Club's Personal Training Center has the latest tools to help ensure your success.
Body Gem Body Gem Indirect Calorimeter will give you your resting metabolism. Having this information will give you an accurate starting point from which to track your calorie intake.
Body View Body View Ultrasound Body Composition utilizes the latest technology to accurately track your lean mass and fat mass. This will allow you to assess the effectiveness of your workout program.
For a Limited time only, purchase
 both test for only $65!

These tests combined will equip you with the necessary information to achieve all your Weight Management goals.

Call today to set up an appointment.
Ask for Katy Nordenbrook at 703.273.9276

Note: Body Gem does require a period of 4 hour fasting from food, exercise, and any stimulants (caffeine or other supplement).
Fitness Fairfax Racquet Club
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